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Air Tube Headset - Cell Phone Radiation Protection

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Are you aware of the dangers of electromagnetic radiation?

Don’t subject your family and yourself to the risks of the dangerous radiation emitted by cellophane.

   Now you can protect yourself and those you love from Cell Phone Radiation!

EchoTUBEZ®  - Smart&Safe® Air-tube headset

Radiation-free stereo headset for cell phones.

This innovative stereo headphone, based on patented SAAT – Stereo Acoustic Air Tube – technology conducts the sound from your cell phone conversations and music through a hollow air tube without metal wires and reduces the electro-magnetic radiation reaching the listener’s head by up to 98%.

Bluetooth Air-tube
Stereo Headset  
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Radiation-free air tube headset

Air tube  Stereo Headset

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3.5mm Iphone connector Air-tube headset


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Order Now. RadBlocker Case Bluetooth Air-tube headset

A growing number of health organizations and public health agencies are publishing practical advice about how to limit exposure to the electromagnetic radiation emitted by cell phones.

One of the most important pieces of advice to follow when using a mobile phone is to keep it away from your body as much as possible.

Using the EchoTUBEZ® Radiation-free stereo headset is the ultimate, smartest and safest way to keep harmful radiation away from your sensitive ear and brain area and reduce radiation
by up to 98%.
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