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5G and Coronavirus 2020

Posted on March 18 2020

5G and Coronavirus 2020

Many scientists say that COVID-19 (Coronavirus) is caused by a 5G network, and the fact that this virus is spreading precisely in those areas where 5G roll-out has been completed is contributing a lot to this hypothesis. Watch DR. Thomas Cowan, M.D., explaining that Coronavirus may be history repeating itself and caused by 5G in the product description.

People are reaching out to us and ask if it’s true.

Our official answer is – it might be.  After reading and listening to numerous scientists and doctors, we are starting to believe that there’s a connection; otherwise, it’s all a big coincidence.

If this true, we won’t be SHOCKED at all. It sounds very logical.

If you are concerned, you can get protected using our EMF Apparel range. Especially the coverall.

We have added the N95 mask as per your many requests.

However – please remember that to stay on the safe side, you should stay indoors, wash your hands often, and follow the Ministry of Health's instructions.


 so - what do you think? are you convinced? 




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