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Smart&Safe EMF Solutions

EMF Radiation Shielding Long Maternity Apron

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Smart&Safe® MommySafe™ EMF Protective clothing line primarily used by pregnant women, children, people who suffer from EHS, and those who are exposed to EMF in homes, offices, and in and outside, and that are aware to the threats that it brings with it because harmful EMF in living conditions is interrupted in and out of rooms.

This is our new multipurpose EMF protective apron that can also be used as a blanket is so beautiful and comfortable that you might forget that its forte is shielding you and your fetus from dangerous EMF radiation. 
The item is packed in a pretty carton box, and it is good to give it as a gift.
This MommySafe apron is safe by applying eco-friendly stainless steel fiber; it's easily washable and lightweight. 
It is different from the nano-silver tech that we use on many other of our MommySafe items; however, the EMF reduction is just the same. This item, as MommySafe entire product line, was made with one thing in mind: your own and your unborn child safety without compromising comfort and looks.