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Smart&Safe EMF Solutions

EMF/RF shielding canopy | Box double bed | U-SILVER | HF+LF

$1,399.00 $1,590.00

Box-shaped high-performance EMC shielding canopies made from Silver-Fiber. Extremely air permeable, highly transparent, washable, antiseptic, highest RF shielding performance.

The canopies protect against the low-frequency electric field as well as RF fields & electrosmog, particularly in the high GHz range (mobile phones, microwaves, aviation radar, military broadcast, etc.). These products offer the world’s best RF shield-performance among the highly

The canopy systems are shipped with installation accessories (ceiling hooks, anchors, cords, spreader bars, steel cords, etc.)
For proper shielding effectiveness, the Grounding Mat must be used with the canopy system.



·         Shielding: RF fields

·         Screening material: silver

·         Carrier material: polyamide

·         Thickness: 0.004 in. 

·         Mesh size: approx. .026 in. 

·         Weight: approx. .089 lbs./3.3ft.2

·         Extremely air permeable

·         Very transparent 

·         Very light Antiseptic (reduces bacteria, smell, etc.) 

·         Small packing size, easy to fold.

*Please note that there are no returns or exchanges on any bedding canopies

Box shape for double bed: This box shaped canopy offers a spacious ambiance. For double beds up to 220 cm width. Bed-making is easily possible without lifting the canopy away. 

 The mounting is not possible at roof pitches. Measures: Width 220 cm, depth 220 cm, height 220 cm. 

All sizes depending on the fabric with +/- 10 % tolerance!