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EMF Blocking Pocket Card - RadBlocker™

$14.00 USD

Not just a card, a life saver

The RadBlocker™ card buffers between you and your cellphone while in pocket and blocks up to 60% of the cellular radiation that is emitted.

How does the RadBlocker card work?

The RadBlocker card always needs to buffer between your body and mobile device. Just like a mirror it reflects radiation from your mobile phone away from you. 

Can I place the RadBlocker card on the back of my mobile phone cover?

NO! if you place the RadBlocker card on the back of your phone it will reflect radiation back towards your head. ALWAYS needs to buffer between you and your mobile phone.


• Reducing radiation exposure by up to 60%
• Non Toxic metals
• 2 Universal Sizes
• Fits Pocket Easily  
• Compatible to all major mobile devices

Package contains
• 1 RadBlocker™ Card 
• 1 Coupon

Length: 5.5cm Height: 11cm
Length: 2.1 Inches Height: 4.3 Inches
Length: 7cm Height: 13cm
Length: 2.7 Inches Height: 5.1 Inches