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Smart&Safe EMF Solutions

Anti Electromagnetic-Radiation Work wear Suit

$424.44 $530.55
Black 100Ag
Navy blue 100Ag
Creamy white MTF
Navy blue MTF
Light brown MTF
Light blue MTF
Heather gray MTF
Black MTF
Light gray 100Ag
Gray 100Ag

This is a one of a kind full body workwear 2 piece suit made entirely of broadcloth with silver inner lining. 

If you are working in hazardous environments like computer rooms, Server Rooms, Electric cabinets, Electrical rooms, working near Electrical posts and Cellular posts, Hub Rooms, and so on. These places are hazardous and exceptionally overlooked. At sites like the above mentioned, you should be shielded and protected, and now you have the "HOW TO"...