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40GHz Tested High Radiation Protection Coverall

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Black MTF
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Navy blue 100Ag
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Khaki 100Ag
Dark blue 100Ag
Creamy white 100Ag

This new ANTI-EMF RADIATION Coverall is as comfortable as it's protective. 

If you are working in hazardous environments like computer rooms, Server Rooms, Electric cabinets, Electrical rooms, working near Electrical posts and Cellular posts, Hub Rooms, and so on. These places are hazardous and exceptionally overlooked. At sites like the above mentioned, you should be shielded and protected, and now you have the "HOW TO"...

5G tested and prooven

The main radiation protection component of the coverall (100Ag):
100% Silver fiber
Frequency range and shielding effectiveness:
Frequency range: 10MHz-40GHz   
Shielding effectiveness: 49.1dB-71.4dB



Our clothing line tends to run on the smaller range, so we recommend getting one size up if you prefer a less snug fit. in any case - please see our size chart:

Smart&Safe EMF protective Coverall size chart


 * This item is custom made, therefore, it's non-refundable.