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Cornet ED15CA Electrosmog Detector

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Despite its small size, the Cornet ED15CA EMF RF Meter has tremendous potential. The meter is designed for measuring both magnetic fields and microwave radiation. The model has three buttons for controlling all device functions and the digital display showing detailed measurement results. Choosing the microwave measurement, it's possible to determine whether the radiation generated by your cell phone, Wi-Fi router, digital TV, a gaming console is dangerous to your health. For figuring this out, just take the meter close to the device examined. Alternatively, you can take EMF measurements in other unexplored parts of your home or building. The Cornet ED15CA is designed to provide two measurement modes with the first mode covering a wider range and the second more offering more precise readings (with an increment of 0.1 mG) in a narrower range. The fact that this EMF meter displays readings in uT and mG adds to its convenience.

The feature that makes the ED15CA EMF meter an outstanding tool is its capability to group and display the measured values as a bar graph built using the last 32 values measured from the moment the device was turned on. This feature is very convenient for specific cases of measuring EMF fields generated by smart meters and similar devices. 

However, the Cornet ED15CA EMF RF model offers other important measurement-related features. For example, the "Hold" function allows saving the registered value on the meter screen. It may be particularly useful if you need to record and compare some of your readings. 
That's not all. In the lower part of the screen, just below the current measurements, you are shown the maximum value registered during the last measurement cycle. All these functions allow acquiring more accurate readings and carry out more detailed EMF parameters analysis.

Another important benefit that the ED15CA offers its users is the built-in speaker, which you can activate to hear a beeping signal notifying you of a dangerous EMF level detected. No doubt, this feature is as efficient as it is simple.

The ED15CA model by Cornet provides yet another way to determine whether you are in the area with a dangerously high exposure level of electromagnetic or microwave radiation. To the display right, there is a color LED scale, which shows the magnitude of the current radiation level. To get the full picture, you can check the legend below the meter buttons specifying the radiation value ranges corresponding to each color on the vertical LED scale.