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RFID Protection Solutions

What is RFID?

Radio Frequency Identification or RFID is a relatively new technology that allows customers to pay by holding against the card reader or even hovering the credit card above proximity. RFID is based on Near Field Communication or NFC, a feature that we all have on our smartphones for many years now. NFC-based RFID is the way we as customers will make our payments, and while it's comfortable as it saves us time at checkout, it also has its disadvantages. The biggest disadvantage, of course, is that RFID cards can be stolen by a "Skimmer" using a simple RFID scanner without the card ever leaving your purse or wallet. In fact, the "Skimmer" doesn't even have to be near you; lately, "Skimmers" has shown the ability to steal Credit Cards from distances as far as a hundred yards! They can pick up Credit card numbers, CVV codes, and expiration dates, and then, using a card magnetizing tool, the "skimmers" can transfer your data to a new card. And the worst part is that these RFID scanners aren't hard to find, nor they expensive. This fact should be enough to make you think about using an RFID wallet. 

So what exactly is an RFID blocking wallet? 

Recently people sent us hundreds of questions regarding RFID wallets and RFID protection in general. We at Smart&Safe developed a vast line of RFID blocking items as Men and Woman RFID wallets and purses and clutches, Slim wallets with RFID lining, RFID shielding travel wallets and pouches, and many other secured Radio-frequency identification solutions that will keep your RFID cards safe domestically and when you travel. 

Smart&Safe RFID protection wallets have a layer of high-grade metal alloy or Carbon fiber that blocks the EMF from getting to your RFID card, thus keeping it invisible to the RFID readers and "Skimmers." and as you know, blocking Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) is our specialty. Even more so, it's something that we do better than everyone else in the world. That is why our customers felt like we are the ones who should do something about it, and that's exactly why we did it! Our processed wallets and other Secured RFID Items are the safest, and, as always, we at Smart&Safe believe that being shielded and protected doesn't mean looking robust or unfashionable. As we have done with our EMF Radiation Protective Apparel collection, once again, we have followed our philosophy and created beautiful, comfortable, durable, fashionable, and as always, Safe items. Or simply - Smart and Safe EMF Shielding solutions. 

RFID Genuine Leather Wallet

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2021 RFID Metal Cardholder Wallet

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