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Smart Fingerprint Lock With USB Charging

$79.00 $99.00

  • Safe and Convenient No Bluetooth, no App, which means lower power consumption, fewer problems caused by an App, Never worry about losing your key or forgetting passwords. Your finger is the key, and it only takes 1 second to unlock it. The Fingerprint padlock can record up to 20 different fingerprints
  • USB Rechargeable & Extreme Long Run Time Low power consumption and long standby time, after full charge, it can unlock more than 3,000 times. When you open, the red and blue indicator flashes alternately, indicating low power consumption. You need to charge your fingerprint padlock on time. It's as simple as charging a cell phone. You can use your portable rechargeable treasure to recharge.
  • High Security & Sturdy and Portable The lock is made of Zinc alloy for excellent corrosion resistance and lightweight to ensure a compact and stylish smart padlock for you. Prevent from being pried or smashed or cut. This fingerprint padlock can be used at rain days, up to IP66 level, the waterproof padlock can prevent the dust and rain efficiently.
  • Full Applications Easy to carry and widely used. For indoor and outdoor use, gym lockers, suitable for suitcases, golf bags, handbags, school lockers, furniture, wardrobes, bicycle, and other goods that you want to protect.
  • Warranty and Guarantee Our products support Two-year warranty and Three-month return policy, If you need troubleshooting or technical support, please feel free to contact us.we are here to make sure you get the best customer service


1. Say Bye-bye to Keys, Combination and Bluetooth Padlock!!
2. Your finger is your key. This smart fingerprint padlock has a 360°fingerprint acquisition
function and only need less than 1 second to be unlocked. Keyless Smart Fingerprint lock is
equipped with advanced fingerprint technology with automatic recognition, safety, and convenience.
3.IP66 Grade helps it prevent the dust and rain efficiently. Especially for outdoor use
4.portable fingerprint lock can be used widely in a bag, suitcase, cabinet, gym lock, school lock, and bike, etc.
5.The best gift for family and friends
If you give a fingerprint lock to your family or friends as a gift in festivals, they will be very happy.

1 X Fingerprint Padlock
1 X USB Charging Cable
1 X User Manual

1. The product needs to be fully charged prior to using it for the first time.
2. Please read the user manual carefully before using it.
3. Before Set up, Any fingerprint can unlock the smart padlock.
4. The fingerprints entered for the first time and the second time is the administrator fingerprints. All other fingerprints need to be authorized by the administrator.
5. When you unlock, the red and blue indicator flashes alternately, indicating low power consumption. You need to charge your fingerprint padlock on time.