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40GHz Tested Women's Anti-Electromagnetic Radiation Underwear

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Since we have launched Men's protective underwear, people started asking us about making the same type of underwear for women as well; even though we offer a lot of different styles of protective underwear for women, we decided to make it! 

And here's our latest product! This protective underwear set is incredible in terms of protection as well as in terms of comfort. 

The unique Nano-Silver technology makes this underwear list, breathable, and easy to wash.

Frequency range and shielding effectiveness:
Frequency range: 10MHz-40GHz   
Shielding effectiveness: 49.1dB-71.4dB

The silver fiber radiation protection suit is a high-tech product obtained by permanently bonding silver to a fiber surface through a special technique. This structure not only makes the silver fiber maintain the original textile property but also gives it all The magical function of silver, the magical effect of silver fiber. Silver has the most effective antimicrobial properties. Silver fiber radiation-proof fabric made of silver-containing fiber using nanotechnology is the latest radiation-proof technology in the world after metal anti-radiation fiber cloth. It has the functions of radiation protection, anti-bacterial and anti-fouling, and is the production of radiation-proof clothing. Ideal fabric. Its anti-radiation effect is superior to radiation-proof fabric made of other metal materials, which can be worn close to the body and beneficial to the human body.


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