We live in a crazy world, and we believe in making it a bit better and a safer place, just in a cool and stylish way. So we went and invented super awesome products that will help you stay protected from EMR and keep you Smart & Safe.

Air-Tube Headset 

Our first invention: The EchoTubeZ®  is a patented Air-Tube headset that is free of metal wiring. It’s a small, smart, and ultra-safe headset that distances all electromagnetic radiation from your cell phone while maintaining a crisp and rich sound.

Why did we do it? Well, after our founder has lost a family member to brain cancer, he decided that something has to change, and while the "World Health Organization" (WHO) are making up their mind on this matter (right now it's considered as type 2b carcinogen) and while more people are dying, he was the first one to make cell phone usage safer.

Next Generation Of Air-Tubes 

In 2018 we had launched the next generation of Air-Tubes and called them: ProTubeZ.  They are a premium sound alternative to the predecessor. They are a small, smart, and ultra-safe headsets that distance all potential electromagnetic radiation emitted by your smartphone from your head by at least 98% while maintaining a crisp and amazingly clear sound. We believe in excellent sound and good health, and Smart&Safe® has found the perfect combination. Smart&Safe® radiation-blocking headsets protect you from all types of radiation - EMR/RF/ELF/EMF.

Laptops And Tablets 

It goes without saying that EMF Radiation (EMR) levels from sources like laptops and tablets are WAY higher than the EMR from Smartphones. Therefore we couldn't rest until we have invented the BEST laptop shielding tray in the world. 

Our ProShield™ is the best protective tray in the world simply because it's the only one that effectively blocks at least 92% of all EMR as well as blocking all heat emissions. YES! It protects you from both RF (Radio frequencies) and ELF (Extremely Low Frequencies - electric radiation), in addition, the materials the ProShield™ is made of are so premium that they can never break, and you can easily clean it no matter what kind of dirt got on it. We are so sure about this product that we give a LIFETIME WARRANTY ON IT!!! 

Off course we don't stop on the high production quality or the high protection capabilities; we offer the ProShield in 2 sizes - 14" and 19"  and in 4 colors: Hi-Tech Blue, Metalic Grey, Deep Pink, and Forrest Green.


Other Radiation Blocking  Products

We didn't stop with the headsets and the trays. We have listened to our customer requests in regards to developing new products, we learned the new upcoming technologies, we have invested all our resources into research and development and came up with amazing products such as the:

RadBlocker™ Belt Pouch

The RadBlocker™ belt pouch is an excellent product. The RadBlocker™ pouch is made of high-quality leather for your convenience. The RadBlocker™ has Hi-End components that help block up to 90% of the cellular radiation. The pivot belt pouch has an extra strong magnet to help secure your device in place. Easy to install on any belt and easy to take off. 

It's Also:

  • Blocks 90% of Mobile Radiation 
  • Leather Quality
  • Comes In 4 Different Sizes
  • Built To Last
  • Easy Belt Attachment

MommySafe™ Maternity Band

YES! We help you to protect your baby from everyday radiation during your pregnancy while complimenting you and your clothing. Go about your day freely and stylishly with the peace of mind of Smart&Safe® protection. Why buy an ordinary belly band when having one that protects your child from dangerous radiation from cell phones, cell towers, and laptops by up to 100%

BTW - Our MommySafe is the only EMR protective belly band in the world that uses pure silver fiber.

It's Also:

  • Reduces radiation exposure by up to 100%
  • FCC Certified Laboratories tested and proven
  • Complementing your figure
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Silky soft
  • Air penetrable
  • Washable


RadBlocker™ Pocket Card

Not just a card, a life saver.

The RadBlocker™ card buffers between you and your smartphone while it's in the pocket and block up to 60% of the cellular radiation.

It's Also:

  • Reducing radiation exposure by up to 60%
  • Non-Toxic Metals
  • 2 Universal Sizes
  • Fits Pocket Easily  
  • Compatible to all major mobile devices

MicroSafe™ Microwave Cover

MicroSafe™ Microwave Radiation Shield contains high conductivity aluminum layer, reducing radiation emitted from the Microwave device by up to 78%.
MicroSafe™ Microwave Radiation Shield provides maximum protection at the highest radiation emitting area of the device – its front door.  Protects you from various types of radiation ELF/RF/THERMAL/EMF

It's Also:

  • Reduces radiation exposure by up to 78%
  • FCC Certified Laboratories tested and proven
  • Easy to apply
  • Great Design


We Have Also Made: 

Anti-Electromagnetic Radiation Canopy For Stroller and even an Electromagnetic Radiation Protective Blanket because we all know that babies are more sensitive to EMR than adults. And they will be exposed to radiation far more in their lives than their parents were! The Smart&Safe Baby Blanket is a comfortable, stylish, & high-quality soft microfiber, Cotton blanket that shields you or your baby from harmful wireless radiation that comes from devices like smartphones, baby monitors, Wi-Fi routers, and cordless phones.

Off-Course We Wouldn't Leave You Without EMF Protective Apparel, Such As:

Alongside all that crazy range solutions 

We have also brought you the best collection of EMF Testers and Detectors because in order to protect yourself and your loved ones you need to know where are the sources of EMR and other radiation hot-spots in your home, office, kindergarten and even classrooms. so grab an EMF Tester and get your living areas safe again. 

Scientific research shows that what the public knows today about cellular radiation is what they thought they knew about cigarettes 20 years ago.

Maybe you heard that there’s no definitive study that shows for a fact that EMR may be harmful to your health. However, in 2017, the World Health Organization has declared EMR as a type 2b carcinogen, and in 2018 the National Institute of Toxicology (NIT) has published its findings after conducting a two-year-long study, which has stated that there is clear evidence that EMR is carcinogenic. 

So, on one mater, there’s no argument – by surrounding yourself with cellular devices you are gambling with your health- “all in.” It took decades for scientists and the vast public to figure out that asbestos and cigarettes cause cancer and other diseases. We are thrilled to see that you did not decide to wait.

Being subjected to very aggressive emission like radio frequency and electromagnetic fields require protection. Even the manual that comes along with your cell phone advises you to distance your cell phone from your head when talking, ever wonder why?