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Lab Tests

Dear Friends,
Thank you for taking the time and interest in checking our integrity. We care very much that our customers are satisfied and protected. In our field of service it is very important to be honest and up forward, honesty is everything. Our products are are checked and double checked by EMI Test Labs, which are FCC (United States), EMC (Europe) and VCCI (Japan) approved and certified testing laboratories. 
Below you can find the lab results for our products.
radiation free air tube headset against electromagnetic radiation from mobile devices Radiation Free Headsets Report  ( PDF file 11/2012 )
                                   anti radiation headset against cell phone radiation emf emr   Radiation Free Headsets Report #2 ( PDF file 08/2011)
                                  anti radiation laptop tray defender against wireless radiation    Laptop Tray Report ( PDF file 12/2015 )
                                 microwave radiation protection products against emf emr    MicroSafe Report ( PDF file 11/2015 )
                                belly band for pregnant women against radiation from mobile devices   MommySafe Belly Band ( PDF file 11/2015 )
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Français (international)