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Ultraviolet Disinfection Lamp Professional UV-C Sanitizer Wand Kills 99.99 Surface Germs Quickly & Easily

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Bullet points:
Widely uses: Used in personal daily necessities, chopsticks, spoons, cutlery, telephones, desks, toilets, public places, cars, etc., to avoid the damage of germs and bacteria.
Keep you safe: Keep cleanliness in the room, closet, and household items. Avoid being covered by bacteria.
Quick and fast: Ultraviolet radiation can remove odor, and it can remove 99% of bacteria such as fungi, dust mites, viruses, etc. within 20 seconds.
UV light: Super strong LED ultraviolet light, non-toxic and harmless, health and environmental protection.
Portable design: Lightweight and convenient hand design can clean the required area at any time.


Size: about 17.5 * 3.3cm / 6.88 * 1.29 in
Voltage: 3V
Wavelength: 253.7nm
Protection level: IP55
Power supply: 2 * 1.5V, AAA battery (not included)
Function: clear bacteria, mite removal, disinfection

Package includes:
Sterilizer stick * 1

Package Including:

Sterilizer stick * 1