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ProTubeZ® - 2017 Radiation Free Air Tube Headsets

ProTubeZ Logo radiation free air tube headset

The New Generation of Radiation Free headsets are FINALLY Here!

ProTubeZ® - Radiation free air tube headset blocks 98% of your cell phones radiation emission to your head. 

as you already know - cell phone radiation exposure increases when using wired hands-free headsets.

Care about your family and loved ones? – do not stay unprotected, order an air tube headset today.  FCC Certified Laboratories tested and proven.

The new ProTubeZ work the same as the EchoTubeZ:


ProTubeZ Air Tube headset 2017 new features

Package contains:

• 1 ProTubeZ®  air tube headset
• 3 pairs of changeable ear buds
• 1 Coupon

cell phone radiation health effects and danger mobile phone radiation

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