Most people are oblivious to the fact that electromagnetic frequency (EMF) radiation from our everyday gadgets which could harm our health. Since none of our 5 senses is made to detect electromagnetic frequencies, we rarely think about the Radiation humans are exposed to on a daily basis. If humans did possess such a sensual organ, we today would ‘see’ a dense cloud of vast electromagnetic noise like thick morning fog in front of our eyes, compared to let’s say how our world looked like 50 years ago.

You might be asking yourself what you can do to reduce your exposure to EMF? Here are our top 13 ways to protect yourself and your family from potentially harmful radiation:

1. Buy a cell phone with lower Radiation levels.

Before selecting your new cell phone, make sure you check its SAR (Specific Absorption Rate), indicating the quantity of radio frequency energy which is absorbed by the body emanating from the cell phone.

2. Avoid using your cell phone in elevators and low signal locations.

In such locations, your phone is trying very hard to find a signal, intensifying the radiation it emits.

3. Use a headset for your calls

To minimize radiation exposure from your phone, especially when waiting for someone to pick up their phone or receiving a voice call, use a headset, keeping the phone at a distance from your head

4. Try limiting your phone calls

The less you talk, the less exposed you are. Yes, we know smartphones are a huge part of our daily lives and limiting the usage of your cellphone can be hard, but at least try to keep the calls brief and on to the point.

5. Do NOT place your phone close to your ear while the phone call is connecting

This is when your phone sends out the strongest signal, therefore emitting the strongest radiation.

6. Keep your phone as far away from your body as possible

Even when your phone is not in use as long as it is turned on, it constantly emits radiation.

7. Avoid carrying your phone close to your “parts”

By having your phone in the pocket of your pants you are exposed…well some harmful things might come from the EMF Radiation.

8. Turn off your Wi-Fi connection if you don’t need it

By having your phone constantly trying to connect to a signal tower the radiation it emits is at its highest peaks.

9. Avoid working with a laptop or a tablet on your lap.

Don’t’ we all love to work like this? Grab your tablet or laptop to check email on the sofa, watch a movie in bed, or simply spend hours on YouTube. To minimize the exposure, use a laptop shield or place a  RadiationBlocker on the back of your device to eliminate 98% of the harmful radiation that is coming.

10. Do NOT sleep next to your phone

Keep your phone as far from you as possible while you’re sleeping. Not only you’d sleep better, but also radiation exposure will be greatly reduced.

11. Avoid sleeping next to a charging phone

In this mode, your phone emits the highest levels of radiation.

12. During your pregnancy avoid using radiation emitting devices

Especially in a close proximity to your belly. Such exposure was proven to have dangerous effects on embryo development.


13. Keep a safe distance from an operating microwave

What would be considered a safe distance? Stay at least 3 feet away while the microwave is operating.

 source: http://bit.ly/2rG7ACy

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