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Our Story

Smart&Safe® was founded by a world renowned EMF expert. After his uncle passed away from cancer, he decided to design a unique headset that protects the brain from dangerous radiation emitted by mobile devices. Our unique patent makes our air-tube headsets the safest in the world. Over the years, we have added a variety of EMF shielding solutions for daily use, which are necessary for protection in a world filled with EMF pollution. Our primary goal is to save lives and increase public awareness of electromagnetic radiation danger, base on the "Better Safe than Sorry" principal.

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Here's What Our Customers Think:

As a Grandmother to be, I am concerned about the amount of EMF Radiation that can affect my Grandchild's development. I am impressed with the Belly Band and EMF Blocking Blanket that I purchased. Thank You, Smart&Safe for providing, and Shipping these products so quickly.

Dawn B.

Happy purchases and full EMF protection I am very happy with my Radiation Blocking Tray Shield. great are also the air tube headsets. Good sound, no headaches! All good and fast service, nice customer care (I got a gift… :-)) and super products! Any time again! I highly recommend!

Katharina S.

Never without it! Why would I ever be without my Radiation-Blocking Laptop Tray. I also get them for my friends and family who use laptops. I feel safe and know I am protected. You really shouldn't be without it if you have your body parts under a laptop.

Opal G.

I couldn't be happier with my BlueTubeZ from Smart and Safe. I am truly astounded by the sound quality, comfort of use and customer support. I have never heard this level of clarity with the cell phone. The material is fun, flexible and comfortable. I am so grateful to have a safe option that works so well.


Recently purchased, awesome product!
I’ve been using it for almost a month now, and always put it on my lap when I’m in the living room and on my iPhone or tablet. It’s much more comfortable this way to use my devices and also protects me from all the dangerous EMF’s.
I was also so happy to receive it only 2 days after purchase.

Bar A.

What a great product and outstanding customer support. Almost every time I order from this company they add a gift of some sort. The belly band itself is the best I have ever tried, and I bought the more expensive ones just to find out that they are less comfortable and less protective. AMAZING!!! THANK YOU SMART&SAFE!

Monica R.

I've tried several types of radiation blocking air tubes and all things considered, these are my favorite. They are the most comfortable - important if one is on the phone a lot. The sound is very clear and the magnets on the ear pieces is a great feature. I like the price and I won't be shopping around anymore. I found the ones I like.

Mary R.