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Anti Blue Light Glasses Rectangle Frame Unisex

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Blue light seriously hurts human eyes; especially today is in video time. Our glasses could reduce the harm for eyes.
This lens [no strength] is added anti blue film in the process, that's quite efficient to anti-blue light than usual glasses. And they could be used as myopia glasses since the super lightweight and high quality.
All LED screens, such as those on smartphones, tablets, and computers, emit blue light. Blue light is known to cause eye strain and fatigue and lead to long-term vision deterioration. Blue light is also known to suppress the hormone melatonin, disrupting your sleeping patterns. Ocushield anti-blue light glasses are the answer.
Ocushield anti-blue light glasses ease the strain on your eyes, leaving them feeling fresh, day and night. Ocushield glasses protect your eyes from long-term damage caused by exposure to blue light. Ocushield blue blocking glasses allow you to have a peaceful night’s sleep.
Ocushield only removes harmful blue light, letting through the non-harmful colored light. They do not alter your vision in any way. They are one size fits all, and sport a contemporary unisex style. You’ll look cool and feel great, in the office and at home.
We live on our screens nowadays, and so do our children. Why take risks with something as important as your vision? Get Ocushield anti-blue light glasses today.
Ocushield glasses features Anti-Blue Light, Anti-Glare, Anti-Oil, Anti-Fog, and UV Protection. Frame measurements: front of frame 14cm, length of arm 13.9cm.

Ocushield screen protectors block 90% of blue light between wavelengths 380nm to 420nm and up to 35% blue light from 420 to 500nm. Ocushield glasses and clip-on lenses block 95% of blue light between wavelengths 380nm to 420nm and up to 40% from 420 to 500nm. This is a significant amount to reduce the spike in blue light wavelengths causing eye strain and sleep disturbance. We have developed Ocushield products with user experience at the forefront, so image clarity is not affected while protecting you from harmful blue light. Removing more than 40% of blue light(420-500nm) from a device screen would mean the contrast of the image would be inferior and you would not enjoy the product. Please click here to learn about the different wavelengths of blue light.