6 Ways To Protect Your Child From EMF Radiation

6 Ways To Protect Your Child From EMF Radiation

Technology and invisible radiation

On any given day, we are surrounded by smartphones, laptops, tablets, WiFi, microwaves, TVs, even baby monitors–all of which emit radiation. The problem with radiation emitted by technology that we use today is that we don’t see it; and because these electromagnetic fields (EMFs) are invisible to the naked eye, our human tendency is to dismiss its effects on our health.

But of course, gadgets are an inescapable part of modern living, which means numerous organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) are now becoming more vocal about the risks of long term exposure to electromagnetic frequency (EMF). Several European countries are also working hard to ensure that consumers are made more aware of the potential risks that radiation poses–especially among children. The European Commission has pointed out the effects of EMF among kids, newborns, and pregnant women, all of whom are at very vulnerable stages of development.

That said, it’s about time to start having a meaningful conversation about the effects of radiation on the new generation of tech-savvy kids. Technology is already an inevitable part of their lives, which means radiation is too–the least we can do is minimize their exposure to it.

6 tips for reducing children’s everyday exposure to radiation –

1. Make sure gadgets that emit radiation are positioned as far away from kids as possible

Go through all your appliances and gadgets at home and identify which ones are known sources of radiation. Some examples may include your typical wireless devices such as your smartphone, tablets, laptops, cordless phones, TV, WiFi router and even your microwave. Make sure these are located in areas that are farthest away from your kids rooms or common areas in the house, such as the kitchen, or rooms they play frequently in.

2. Connect to the internet via LAN whenever possible

Connecting to the internet is unavoidable, especially if you have children of school age. WiFi connections increase the radiation emitted by these devices. however, as a solution, you can connect to the internet via LAN instead.

3. Institute a time limit on children’s portable devices

Tablets are commonly used by children these days, especially for recreation. Smartphones are also a big part of teenagers lives, especially with the advent of social media. As a result, most gadgets end up distracting them from school work and exposing them to harmful radiation. Getting kids to put their devices down is a great way to encourage physical exercise and interaction among other kids of their age, while ensuring that you’re giving them a break from constant EMF exposure

4. Turn your gadgets off at night

It’s common to leave the WiFi router on at night because it’s unobtrusive. Smartphones are typically left on at night as well and usually placed on your nightstand, next to kids’ beds. Moving forward however, it might be a good idea to switch all devices to airplane mode while your kids are asleep. If you absolutely insist on keeping your phone on at night, be sure to keep it away from your kids beds.

5. Use air-tube headsets and don’t store smartphones in the pocket of baby carriers

Kids love their music. Airtube headsets are designed to let sound travel without the use of metal components commonly used in traditional headsets. These metal parts usually amplify radiation signals–so be sure to use headsets designed to specifically lower exposure. As an additional precaution, make sure that you don’t place your phone in the pockets of your baby or toddler’s stroller. The proximity of the device may prove to be dangerous to your baby at this very vulnerable stage of their life.

6. Use radiation protection accessories for your devices

Gadgets will be an inextricable part of your life. You will be using your smartphones, your kids will do their schoolwork and enjoy games on their tablets, laptops will still be essential tools for work and education; microwaves will be a household staple, as are televisions, and WiFI routers. You do however, have the option to protect yourselves from the radiation emitted by them. There are RF shields designed to be applied on common household items, as well as radiation protection accessories specifically for expecting moms, and of course, smartphone and tablet cases that are meant to minimize risk of exposure for users. Make the most out of them.

source: http://bit.ly/2rvX8NQ

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