Pregnancy, Wireless And Electromagnetic Fields - A MUST READ

Pregnancy, Wireless And Electromagnetic Fields - A MUST READ

Pregnancy is a time when development is most vulnerable. Wireless radiation is part of a growing list of environmental exposures thought to interfere with healthy fetal brain development. Implications of this interference include impaired communication skills, memory and learning deficits and behavioral problems.

Kaiser Permanente scientist Dr. De-Kun Li, who specializes in reproductive and prenatal epidemiology has published several research studies which found higher EMF exposure during pregnancy associated with a higher risk of miscarriage, and asthmaobesity in offspring. Watch a webinar where Dr. Li presents this research.

Dr. Taylor – Chair of the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences at Yale University School of Medicine- authored a study showing significant behavioral changes- lower memory and increased hyperactivity- in the offspring of mice exposed to cell phone radiation during pregnancy. Another study of over 55,000 mothers and children in four countries found cell phone use during pregnancy linked to shorter pregnancy duration and increased risk for preterm birth.

This page lists important research evidence, summarizes scientific publications and offers resources for a healthy pregnancy.

Dr. Hugh Taylor, Chair of the Department of Obstetrics at Yale University School of Medicine Recommends Precautions

“There’s essentially no downside to being cautious and protecting your baby,” says Dr. Hugh Taylor, Chair of the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences at Yale University School of Medicine. Dr. Taylor recently authored a study showing significant behavioral changes in the offspring of mice exposed to cell phone radiation during pregnancy.

“We have demonstrated clear cause and effect relationships in mice, and we already have studies showing that women who use cell phones have children with more behavioral problems. I think together that’s very powerful evidence.” —Dr. Hugh Taylor
Dr. Taylor and colleagues found that when mice were exposed to cell phone signals while pregnant, their offspring showed increased hyperactivity and lower memory scores. In addition, his neurological tests revealed abnormal development of neurons in the part of the brain linked to ADHD. Several other experiential studies have found that in utero cell phone exposure leads to damaged brain development in mice and rats. Most recently, the National Toxicology Program found genotoxic effects in the frontal lobe of the brain in mice and rats exposed to daily low levels of radiofrequency radiation.


Behavior Problems In Children

In addition to these animal studies, several studies on children have found that higher cell phone exposure during pregnancy is associated with behavioral issues in children. Researchers from the University of California School of Public Health in Los Angeles have published two studies (2008 and 2012) looking at tens of thousands of children. Researchers concluded that children exposed to cell phones both before and after birth were more likely to have emotional or behavioral problems than children who were not exposed to phones. In 2017, the largest study to date to use data on prenatal cell phone use collected from parents in five countries found a link between high prenatal cell phone use and hyperactivity/inattention problems in children.

ADHD Symptoms When Paired With Cell Phone Radiation

Further research investigating cell phone radiation in combination with the neurotoxin lead has found that children with lead levels had higher ADHD like symptoms if they also had higher cell phone use leading the researchers to consider a potential synergetic effect.

“EMF exposure during pregnancy could impact the fetal development, including endocrine and metabolic systems, predisposing offspring to a higher risk of obesity,” —Dr. De-Kun Li

Obesity, Miscarriage and Thyroid Problems

A 2012 study conducted by scientists from Kaiser Permanente Research Division published in Nature’s Scientific Reports, found that children who were exposed to high levels of magnetic radiation while in their mother’s womb had a 69% higher risk of suffering from weight problems and obesity during childhood than children with lower in-utero exposures. This study was part of a series of studies lead by Kaiser research scientist Dr. De-Kun Li, who specializes in reproductive and prenatal epidemiology. His research group has also published research which found that higher magnetic field exposure during pregnancy was associated with a higher risk of asthma.

In 2017, Li’s group presented his newest research at an international conference which found high magnetic fields during pregnancy were associated with increased risk of low thyroid hormone levels in offspring (low TSH levels) indicating “an adverse MF impact on the pituitary gland during in-utero fetal brain development.”

Replicated Science Finds EMF Exposure During Pregnancy Increases Miscarriage Rate

In 2017, Li made international news when he published his second study linking miscarriage to EMF exposure. Funded by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences with 913 women as subjects, Li and colleagues found that women who were exposed to higher magnetic field levels had 2.72 times the risk of miscarriage.

“This study provides evidence from a human population that magnetic field non-ionizing radiation could have adverse biological impacts on human health,” Li said in the Kaiser Permanente press release...

Li previously had presented these findings at a 2016 international conference on bioelectromagnetics, but the published paper has ricocheted around the world. His  2002 published study found miscarriage risk increases with increasing magnetic field exposure. Microwave News published an article detailing how there were now at least 7 Studies showing an association between EMF and miscarriage rates.  

In light of his research findings over the years, Li submitted testimony to the US Federal Communications Commission about the inadequacy of current RF exposure guidelines to protect the public.

“It has been demonstrated that communication between cells depends on EMF signals, likely at a very low level. External EMFs could conceivably interfere with normal cell communication, thus disrupting normal cell differentiation and proliferation. Such disturbance could lead to miscarriage, birth defects, and cancer.” – Dr. De-Kun Li

Dr. De Kun Li has repeatedly written about the problem with FCC regulations and in his 2013 expert testimony about radiofrequency and health he stated,  Any such claim that RF-EMF is safe, is either ignorant or misleading.

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