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Radiation-Blocking Products For Mobile Phones And Other Portable Devices

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Welcome to Smart&Safe, Electromagnetic Radiation-Blocking solutions website.

We design, develop and market consumer protection products for mobile device radiation known as electromagnetic radiation for over 10 years. We hold patent pending status on some of our product lines as a testament to our investment into the consumer radiation-blocking accessories market. Protect yourself and the ones you love with the latest technology in the field.

The cellular industry is eager to downplay the effects of electromagnetic radiation.

While previous public scrutiny led to some soft regulations requiring OEMs and Brands to place safety warning and disclaimers. They have continued their disinformation campaign against the public, while promoting ever growing behavioral manipulations to increase mobile phone adoption and usage, especially amongst the younger population. Silicon Valley is enamored with product managers who are crying mea culpa after they see the real-life ramifications of their brain hacking technics.





We invented an air tube headset that is free of metal wiring called: EchoTubeZ.

In 2017 we launched the next generation ProTubeZ as a premium sound alternative to the predecessor. Both are a small, smart and ultra-safe headset that distance all potential electromagnetic radiation from your cell phone to your head by up to 98% while maintaining a crisp and amazingly clear sound. We believe in excellent sound and good health, and Smart&Safe® has found the perfect combination. Smart&Safe radiation-blocking headsets protect you from all types of radiation - EMR/RF/ELF/EMF.