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BlueTubeZ™ Bluetooth Air Tube Headset - EMF Radiation Blocking

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Welcome to a new era of Radiation Free wireless headsets. Our brand new BlueTubeZ™ is, without a doubt, the best way of listening to music or making calls without having to worry about the radiation that your brain absorbs like when using any other, ordinary, Bluetooth earpiece.  We have invested hundreds of hours in developing them, and we are proud of the outcome. They look and feel like a real premium product, with high-grade anti-sweat silicon on the back (where it touches the neck area) and superb metal on the front. The AirTubes are made of the same medical-grade German silicon that has proved itself over the many years we have been using it. It's equipped with three buttons for quick control of calls and music, Including a double touch feature to redial the last number called, and a vibrating neckband to give silent notifications. We have added three different earbuds sizes to provide you fantastic comfort throughout the day. The BlueTubeZ™ Featuring battery technology similar to that found in your smartphone. It fully charges in just two hours, and that charge provides up to 200 hours of battery life in standby mode and more than 20 hours of listening to music or making calls! We know- that's insane… 

If you love to jog and exercise you will love your BlueTubeZ™ as they light as a feather and one of the last but not least features is the announce of the caller number - that means that you don't have to look at your phone to know who's calling you, you will hear his full number automatically.

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And there's more! We have an official IPX4 water resistance rating.  

Also – you can use your new BlueTubeZ™ with any device that has Bluetooth connectivity.

And there's more, much more:  

Patented. US patent no: 8,577,064


 Vibration Feedback
 Bluetooth 5.0
 RF Reduction