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ProShield™ - Radiation-Blocking Laptop Tray Shield

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Metalic Gray

radiation free laptop tray for tablets radiation free shielding from wi fi and electromagnetic shielding

ProShield™ Laptop Tray Shield

The ProShield™ Laptop Tray is a laptop radiation shield that reduces harmful Wi-Fi radiation to almost NONE. As independent tests made by certified laboratories around the world have proved, The ProShield™ Laptop Tray blocks both Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) as well as Radio Frequency (RF) Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) emissions.


YES !!! Now we grant a Lifetime Warranty. There's no other company in the world that is so sure about their product in terms of radiation protection as well in terms of durability. The warranty applies to lose radiation protection properties and breaking of the tray or its contents.  


Two sizes:

14 inch (35cm) length 10.5 inch (26.5cm) height

19.5 inch (40cm) length 11.9 inch (30cm) height

  • How does it work?
    The ProShield™ Laptop Tray Shield is made of non-grain oriented silicon steel and high conductivity aluminum sheet, minimizing radiation exposure. An additional closed-cell polyethylene foam layer provides maximum comfort and heat reduction.

laptop tray radiation defender shieldemf free products against cell phone and cancer danger

  • Features:

Reducing radiation exposure by up to 92% FCC Certified Laboratories tested and proven Maximum comfort and heat reduction Lightweight  A contemporary and organic design

  • Package contains:
    • 1 Laptop Radiation Shield
    • 1 Coupon

Live Demonstration Of How The ProShield™ Works: